New API to support RF LO Sync

I am using the following configuration:

I updated my kernel to:Talise API version:, with following new features:

  • TALISE_enableMultichipRfLOPhaseSync
  • TALISE_serializerReset

I made a build of the latest software version for libiio, iiod, iio-oscilloscope on march 11.

When I use board1 to transmit a signal, and the board2 to receive. Each new boot with one of the EVM boards there is a different phase offset between Tx board1 and Rx board2.

The questions I have :

  1. Is this already supported on a ZCU102 board? Is this tested by Analog?
  2. Is the below example in UG-1295 really tested? If I understand correct, you need talise release 6.0 with API version to do RFLO sync, and this is released on 8 februari 2019. And the UG-1295 is released in 2018.