Matlab for AD9371

Start-up that has a proof of concept they are trying to demonstrate to the largest customer.... 


They have been in contact with central apps to date. The issue they have is that have an image 2017R2, but it not communicating with Mathlab. They only need to loop back over RX channels with Mathlab (HW in the loop from Mathworks) with any version of Mathlab. They will generate their own custom image.


Can we get them an image that does this?

There is a page in your wiki which was about streaming data in matlab, but after following instruction for setting everything up, the link for examples are broken. 

IIO System Object [Analog Devices Wiki]

The IIO System Object is based on the MATLAB System Objects specification. It is designed to exchange data over Ethernet with an ADI hardware system connected to a FPGA/SoC platform running the ADI Linux distribution.

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