ADF7242 stops generating Receive interrupt to Linux driver

Test Setup:

Transmit side (adf7242 Eval board + microZed board)

Receive side (adf7242 Eval board + microZed board)


Test applications on Transmit and Receive side:

- Modified test3.c on receive side to be in receive mode

- Modified test3.c on transmit side to transmit one thousand packets when executed

(test3.c is here.)


Test procedure:

  1. Load adf7242 driver on both setup
  2. Interface configuration and setting PAN-ID, address <mention link which was followed>
  3. Run receive side app
  4. Run transmit side app to transmit 1000 packets
  5. apps print packet ID received/transmitted respectively


Problem seen:

- Receiver side application stops receiving packets once transmission starts

- Interrupt line on receive side ADF7242 eval board does not generate any interrupt once this state is reached (checked on oscilloscope)

- Transmission side does not have this issue



- If the receiver side temporarily switches direction and transmits one/more packet, then receiving of packets continues (till it hangs next time)

- Reload adf7242 driver on receiver side



I am designing my reception app to always be in receive mode. Without using the temporary transmission fix (which is temporary for now), what may be causing receive side to hang and how do I fix this issue?

Thank you,


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