how to change default power up value--ad9361


  1. I'm trying to change the power up values of ad9361-phy and cf-axi-dds-core-lpc devices. 

For ad9361-phy, i can see the device attributes in device tree that seems to be the power up values. but when i changes these values and recompiled the device tree, my device disappears on boot up. here are the values that i changed

adi,rf-rx-bandwidth-hz = <0x2FAF080>;
adi,rf-tx-bandwidth-hz = <0x2FAF080>;
adi,rx-synthesizer-frequency-hz = <0x0 0x908A9040>;
adi,tx-synthesizer-frequency-hz = <0x0 0x908A9040>;
adi,rx-path-clock-frequencies = <0x3a980000 0x1d4c0000 0xea60000 0x7530000 0x3a98000 0x3a98000>;
adi,tx-path-clock-frequencies = <0x3a980000 0x1d4c0000 0xea60000 0x7530000 0x3a98000 0x3a98000>;

I'm trying to make



RX_sampling rate=TX_sampling rate=61.44Mhz

before editing device tree, i verified these values by manually changing from (/sys/bus/iio/devices). I also verified the clock frequencies from rx and tx clock paths.

       2. When we boot the board, by default DDS is enabled at DAC. But i want to enable DMA when i boot up. I found this  thread. is there device attribute that can be used for this purpose? or i need the patch as explained in that thread? If i update the driver then i have to build the kernel again. right? 

I'm using adrv9361-7035 with adr1CRR-fmc with kernel version 2018_R1

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