ADRV9361 Transmit Custom Waveform

Hello everyone,

I have a custom waveform that I am generating inside the FPGA, and I would like to transmit this waveform. Using the DAC_FIFO block, I have hooked up my I & Q signals to din_data_0 and din_data_1 respectively. I was able to use IIO Oscilloscope to change the DDS to use the DAC Buffer Output. This allowed me to see my signal come out of the AD9361. How do I configure the AD9361 to use these signals instead of the built-in DDS without IIO Oscilloscope?

This article here gives me some direction: However, I would like the AD9361 to boot up in this state. To do this, I believe that I need to modify the device tree. Which entry in the device tree pertains to disabling the DDS?