Queries on RSSI readback in SSH and Reading RSSI value in python script

I have 2 questions and that would be: When I use SSH to connect to the ADALM Pluto and see the RSSI value through using the command "cat in_voltage0_rssi", sometimes it displays 115.25dB or 51.75dB but most of the time it displays 51.75dB without any input power. What is the problem behind this? The 2nd question would be, if I want to read the RSSI value in a python script, what code should I write in the python script to read the RSSI value? Is it using " iio_channel_attr_read(iio_device_find_channel(phy, "voltage0",false), "rssi", &rssi)"?

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    on Jun 11, 2019 10:33 PM in reply to MJohn887
    So is there really no solution or if there is, to enable it to report back to the user the power level of the received signal in dBm instead of RSSI? Is there a way to calibrate the Pluto without user intervention?

    The RSSI measurement is really not meant for this directly. You essentially need a lookup table if you want to get a dBm number. This will require instrumentation and will be specific to each Pluto.

    By the way, I tried terminating the Receive SMA and went to check the RSSI reading. It still displays 51.75dB.

    I cannot repeat this on my end. With a terminator, I get ~-100 dB RSSI. Make sure TX is on a different frequency or powered down.