AD9371+ZC706 streaming data


I am working on ZC706 and  AD9371 platform.

I wish to stream data inout from matlab for above platform.

I am using  following Tools and source versions:

  • HDL: hdl_2018_r1
  • MATLAB: R2018b
  • Vivado: 2017.4.1

and matlab adi toolbox version AnalogDevicesBSP_v18.2.mltbx.

Also I am using

And when I am running ad9371_matlab.m from matlab I am getting following ERROR:

Error using unloadlibrary
Cannot unload a library that has outstanding objects.

Error in libiio_if/releaseContext (line 111)

Error in libiio_if/init (line 431)

Error in iio_sys_obj_matlab/setupImpl (line 216)
[ret, err_msg, msg_log] = init(obj.libiio_data_in_dev, obj.ip_address, ...

Error in ad9371_matlab (line 12)
s = s.setupImpl();

Please suggest a solution to this problem.