No IIO device for cf-ad9361-lpc device

Hi there,

I am updating an old kernel/sysroot for a Zynq-based system to something newer. I have the following device in the device tree (in both old and new):

cf-ad9361-lpc@79020000 {
compatible = "adi,axi-ad9361-6.00.a";
reg = <0x79020000 0x6000>;
dmas = < 0x03 0x00 >;
dma-names = "rx";
spibus-connected = < 0x04 >;
xlnx,dphase-timeout = < 0x08 >;
xlnx,num-mem = < 0x01 >;
xlnx,num-reg = < 0x01 >;
xlnx,s-axi-min-size = < 0x1ff >;
xlnx,slv-awidth = < 0x20 >;
xlnx,slv-dwidth = < 0x20 >;
xlnx,use-wstrb = < 0x00 >;

In the old kernel/OS, somehow it created an iio device I can look at under /dev/iio:deviceX and also /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:deviceX/, where `name` in that last directory contains cf-ad9361-lpc.

Now, with the new OS (I am using Yocto based on the ADI kernel source), I don't see it. I do see another device, `ad9361-phy` as an iio device (both old and new; the old has just more iio devices), but not the above.

Any pointers on how to fix this?