AD9652 (16 bit 2 channel) and AD9467 (16 bit 1 channel) Simulink HDL Coder support

We have an application that will require 4 channels with a good dynamic range.  Using  2 of the AD9652  converters looks appealing with it's features.   Our RF signal is a mix RF signals 100 MHz and less, we will start with <20 MHz.  Running the AD9652 at 250 MSPS is a suggestion by our integrator that would make the FPGA processing straight forward.  We would like to stream the data in from the ADC and then filter and apply FFT to analyze the frequency magnitudes and phase.  It was suggested that we start with the AD9467 single channel for development.  I have an AD9467-FMC-250ezb board and the ZC706 development board and the ZedBoard. In the end we would most likely use something faster than the ZC706, but we need to start with development using one or 2 channels. 

The downloaded the Simulink models for the AD9652 and AD9467, do not appear to have the HDL Coder available to interface an ZYNQ FPGA/ARM FMC development board.

It would greatly reduce our risks if we can get one channel working and tested.  From a resource priority the end goal would be to use the AD9652, starting with a single channel implementation of this chip would be preferred over the the AD9467.  

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