ZCU102 Rev1.1 & Eval-ADRV9009


Before I bought the Eval-ADRV9009, I read the user guide. In Quick start guide of Eval-ADRV9009 it states that ZCU102 is suitable carrier board. Since this statement, I bought it. But now, since the revision is different(and the revision is not shared by vendors, at least I couldn't), I can not use the pre-made linux images on ADI website. The images on the website do not support the ZCU102 Rev1,1. Therefore Eval-ADRV9009 can not work directly. 

  • How can I use the IIO Scope on ZCU102 Rev1.1 via HDMI port(not Displayport)?
  • Is there any guide to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance