IIO Oscilloscope "no iio devices found" at ZCU102+ADRV9009

Hello All

    I had compiled "linux-master" download from adi , and use its Image to start linux at ZCU102, so my board hadn't libiio.

    1:I install OSC at PC(WIN10-64) and config the PC ip addr:

    2:I start the ZCU102 and config ip addr:

    3:ping at ZCU102 board, Its connect successfull.

    4:I start the IIO OSC at WINDOWS and set the Host name is :

    5:I click the refrush button, and the IIO Devices context show "No iio devices found".

    6:I capture the network package by wireshark ,found there has communication between PC and ZCU102

please help me to solve this issue, thank you!