Libiio reach buffer content with fast interface


In the wiki page it was mentioned that user can process samples in a multitude of ways. I am interested in the one described here. ( Currently, we are working with Pluto SDR and developing an embedded program that runs on the ARM core of Zynq SOC. It was mentioned that iio uses this interface when possible. Is this the case for following code block that is taken from ?

// Schedule TX buffer
nbytes_tx = iio_buffer_push(txbuf);
if (nbytes_tx < 0) { printf("Error pushing buf %d\n", (int) nbytes_tx); shutdown(); }
// Refill RX buffer
nbytes_rx = iio_buffer_refill(rxbuf);

if (nbytes_rx < 0) { printf("Error refilling buf %d\n",(int) nbytes_rx); shutdown(); }

If not is there a way to implement this?

Thanks in advance.