Failed to run ad9361-iiostream example

Hi all,

I get the following error when trying to run ad9361_iio_stream_example on my zc706:

root@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~/linux_image_ADI-scripts/newtest# ./ad9361-iiostream
* Acquiring IIO context
* Acquiring AD9361 streaming devices
* Configuring AD9361 for streaming
* Acquiring AD9361 phy channel 0
* Acquiring AD9361 RX lo channel
* Acquiring AD9361 phy channel 0
* Acquiring AD9361 TX lo channel
* Initializing AD9361 IIO streaming channels
* Enabling IIO streaming channels
* Creating non-cyclic IIO buffers with 1 MiS
* Starting IO streaming (press CTRL+C to cancel)
Error refilling buf -110
* Destroying buffers
* Disabling streaming channels
* Destroying context

for more information i typed the following commands and i get the following outputs:

root@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:/sys/bus/iio/devices# dmesg | grep 'ad9361'
ad9361 spi0.0: ad9361_probe : enter (ad9361)
ad9361 spi0.0: ad9361_probe : AD936x Rev 2 successfully initialized
cf_axi_dds Analog Devices CF_AXI_DDS_DDS MASTER (9.00.b) at 0x79024000 mapped to 0xf092c000, probed DDS AD9361
cf_axi_adc ADI AIM (10.00.b) at 0x79020000 mapped to 0xf09c8000, probed ADC AD9361 as MASTER

root@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:/sys/bus/iio/devices# cat */name

Any help would be appreciable

Thanks & Regards

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