Microblaze (AXI) rootfs to drive the AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ with AD IIO oscilloscope .


currently, I'm experimenting with FMCOMMS3 card on genesys-2 board. I was able to to port the HDL design for genesys-2 board (based on the provided design for KC705) and the required Linux device tree (similar to the kc705.dtsi and kc705_fmcomms2-3.dts, Note: interrupts ID for rx_dma and tx_dma remain as recommended 12 resp.13 ) . Basically the interface to FMCOMMS3 is identical to the interface's design on the kc705 carrier board.

The following results can be confirmed:

1- The FMC card is powered-up successfully, I have measured the applied voltage on the provided test points and it was as expected.

2- SPI&I2C communications have been established successfully (see screen-shot below)

The problem is that no data has been received when start capturing via IIO oscilloscope tool.

I have checked the rx_dma & tx_dma interrupts but none of them has been triggered.

I have captured additionally  the network traffic between IIO Oscilloscope and the target and figured out that the target has send a negative response on an open device request.

Does anyone have any idea about what might be wrong in my configuration?
I have checked the forum but could not find any hint.

Thank you in advance!

/Best Regards


The issue has been identified and it is related to libiio version
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