Xilinx OSL vs mainline Linux kernel vs Analog Devices kernel

Hi Analog.

I also posted this question on the Xilinx forums because I'm trying to comprehend what the differences are between the different kernel's offered by Xilinx, Mr Torvalds and Analog Devices.

Let me explain my situation: I'm working on a ZCU102 board with a ADRV9009 evaluation board on top. In another forum post is was recommended by Analog to use the Analog Linux kernel to get the adrv9009-w PCBZ board working. I now managed to port these drivers into the Xilinx Linux kernel but I' still puzzled how these different kernels are related to each other.

We need to choose a strategy for out future products and one of the factors in this is the way Xilinx and Analog devices are using and handling the Mr.Torvalds Linux kernel.

Can anyone elaborate on this? What are the main differences of the 3 kernels?  Are there merges at some fixed points? Are they drifting away from each other of will they be floating along each other?

Thanks for your response

Kind regards