ZCU 102 + ADRV9371 and iio-oscilloscope transmit from MATLAB .mat file

Hi all,

I am using iio-oscilloscope to do loopback sample capture. I have created a custom profile using 

matlab profile generator for ad9371. Please find the profile here.


I load this profile and use a .mat data file generated for transmission.

However I think the packets are not transmitted properly since I have intentionally created zeros and power variations within the transmit samples which I cannot see in the loopback captured samples. 

Could you please let me know if I have to follow any format while loading/generating mat files? Should the number of samples be a function of transmit/receive sample rate?

I have seen the instructions here


however sometimes when I load the .mat file the osc crashes. So I think I am missing something more than what is described in the above link.

Thanks and Regards

Arjun  Nadh

Added the link on instructions and worded properly to avoid confusion
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