Using multiple ADAU7002 in single DAI for Embedded Linux

Hi all,

I work on a RnD project that is using 2 adau7002 devices with 4 PDM mics. 

My first prototype works electronically in perfect condition. I confirmed this with bare metal boards, scope and logic analyzer observations.

However, I lost outputs of my 3rd and 4th channels on the DMA stage or somewhere in userspace - when I use simple-card and adau7002 driver in my devicetree.

I was able to make the board work with some hardware hacks and ac108 driver, however not with adau7002 driver for linux. Still, I need a proper and reliable solution.

Do you have any recommendation where to look at regarding using multiple adau7002 codecs with a single DAI/platform (I2S) driver? I suspect that either the adau7002 driver file is missing something or that my device tree configuration is wrong. Therefore, my last 2 channels are dumped somewhere in DMA.

Thank you in advance for your support!