ad9371 spi1.0: Failed product ID


Our custom board design is with Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC (XCZU6CG) device having  RF transceiver as  ad9371 and clock distribution using ad9528

We are using petalinux-2018.3 with analog device kernel :

           commit id- f33a5e90a7afd6ba4fe5cbb18acb43339fe9c4c0

 we are facing issue with ad9371 where  it got failed for product id as show below the log snippet.

[ 3.945825] ad9371 spi1.0: Failed product ID, expected 0x1 got 0x13
[ 4.681825] ad9371 spi1.0: Failed product ID, expected 0x1 got 0xB

Previously, we were using ad9370 on the same board and here ad9370 was working perfectly fine. Now only change is from  ad9370 to ad9371 chip on our board.

Working log snippet for ad9370:

[    9.340455] ad9371 spi1.0: ad9371_probe : AD9370 Rev 4, Firmware 5.2.2 API version: successfully initialized.

Please provide your input on the same.


Rahul Ravi

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