[ADXL373] What is the register setting for impact mode detection.

We are trying to port impact mode detection on Linux ADXL373 sample driver, but after enabling AWAKE_INT1 bit in INT1_MAP, the INT1 goes to high. I try to read status to clear AWAKE but it still keep high.

Our test condition:

0. Config ADXL373 to impact detection and record peak data into FIFO and let host cpu enter suspend
1. Drop device to ground
2. ADXL372 detect high g force and then generate interrupt to wake up host cpu
3. Host CPU read peak data from FIFO

Our current settings

0x3A FIFO_CTL: 0x3A
0x3B INT1_MAP: 0x70
0x3C INT2_MAP: 0x70
0x3D TIMING: 0x0
0x3E MEASURE: 0x20
0x3F POWER_CTL: 0x1F

After set INT1_MAP as 0x70, INT1 goes to high and STATUS value is 0x41. It cannot clear the AWAKE interrupt.