AD9361 calibration in TDD mode - missing 'Use FDD VCO Tables enable' parameter

I'm wondering why the option adi,tdd-use-fdd-vco-tables-enable is not available in the debug attributes of AD9361? The only available options for tdd are:
- adi,tdd-use-dual-synth-mode-enable, and
- adi,tdd-skip-vco-cal-enable.
As far as I understand, if I want to operate in TDD mode, I should first, enable calibration in FDD mode, and then move to TDD state. I must disable re-calibration after leaving Tx and Rx state due to data rate requirements of my system. In such case, I guess,  I should use FDD calibration tables. Am I right? If so, why is this option unavailable?
My kernel version is 2018_R2.
AD9361's driver (ad9361.c) is compiled with #define DEBUG enable/uncommented.