IIO Oscilloscope stability with Windows 10


I am running the AD9371/9375 Reference design. I have mated an ADRV9375 -W/PCBZ evaluation board to an Intel PSG Aria 10 SoC development kit.

IIO Oscilloscope seems very unstable when run under Windows 10 and locks up continually.

I have also built IIO Oscilloscope to run under Ubuntu 14.04 LTs. It appears to be very stable with no issues.

Is this a known behavior or could it be a function of my corporate laptop Windows settings etc?



  • We haven't tested IIO Oscilloscope on Windows 10 all that much, and it's main use [these days] is to be run on the reference boards [ZC706, ZC102, ZedBoard, etc].

    The plan is to phase-out this tool and move things to Scopy, but that will take a while.

    But, if you can identify clear-cut-concise steps to reproduce, we can take a look to address some issues directly for IIO Oscilloscope.