FAQ If DIS_REM_CC = 0 on SER and DIS_REM_CC = 1 on DES, can the SERDES still communicate?

No, as the control channel is closed.  DIS_REM_CC must be zero to enable any control channel activity to the SER (Serializer) or DES (Deserializer), including communication with the device locally or remotely.  For example, if the I2C Main controller is connected to the SER, then the communication on the SER is considered local and the DES is considered remote.  In this case, the controller can communicate with the SER, but communication over the GMSL link with the remote DES would not be possible with the DIS_REM_CC=1 on the DES.  If the I2C Main controller is connected to the DES, it will not be able to communicate to the SER.  Since the local GMSL device CC is disabled, CC packets will not be transmitted to the remote SER, and no communication is possible.