Welcome to the GMSL Library

This library is available for customers to read questions and documents about the Gigabit Multimedia Serial Links. We do not offer technical support in EngineerZone for this product. If you require assistance please log a support ticket here and be sure to provide a brief description and attach any relevant information. This enables us providing a faster feedback and improve our support.

Recent FAQs
  • Should I use pixel or tunneling mode in my camera system?

    Tunneling should be used if possible. Pixel mode is more flexible and should be used only if the following situations apply (possible work arounds in parenthesis): GMSL device does not support tunneling mode (switch to newer devices) Synchronous…
  • If DIS_REM_CC = 0 on SER and DIS_REM_CC = 1 on DES, can the SERDES still communicate?

    No, as the control channel is closed. DIS_REM_CC must be zero to enable any control channel activity to the SER (Serializer) or DES (Deserializer), including communication with the device locally or remotely. For example, if the I2C Main controller is…
  • What are the benefits of RoR?

    RoR eliminates the external components of the oscillator circuitry required for the serializer; this results in reducing complexity, PCB area and cost.
  • How do you configure RoR?

    RoR mode gets enabled via serializer configuration (CFG) pins at power-up. It can also be enabled after power-up using register writes. There is no configuration or modification required on the RoR capable deserializer.
  • How does RoR (Reference Over Reverse Channel) work?

    GMSL serializers that support RoR mode operate precisely from the clock reference extracted from the reverse channel via a GMSL deserializer that supports RoR. Note- Only certain GMSL serializers and deserializers support RoR mode, check the resepective…