I have a question ADUM5242.

Ask about ADUM 5242ARZ-RL7.
Connect between the output pin (pin 8: Viso) - output GND (pin 5: GNDiso)
Although it is a capacitor, 0.1uF is connected in the recommended layout on page 13 in the specification sheet.
As a result of measuring EMI, when we set this capacitance value to 0.01 uF good result is obtained and we want to change capacitance value.
As the output load, 3 kohm is 10 kohm in parallel between the output power supply and output GND at maximum.

1. Is there a lower limit capacitance as output capacitor?
Is there any concerns such as defects when 2.0.01 uF is used?
3. By changing the output capacitor with the attached characteristics from 0.22 uF to 0.01 uF
EMI noise reduction is seen. Is there anything you can guess about this factor?
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