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LTC2859/61 Short-circuit current & Thermal shutdown


My customers are considering LTC 2859/61.

I got questions about short-circuit current protection and thermal shutdown.

<Short-circuit current protection>
#1  Does the maximum current 250 mA described in the section on Maximum Driver Short-Circuit Current and Driver

      Over Voltage and Overcurrent Protection of electrical characteristics be related?

#2  Does it make sense that the current limit drops to 120 mA when it exceeds ± 10 V?

#3  When Vcc = 5 V, I think that the pin voltage does not exceed ± 10 V, but what kind of state will it happen?

<Thermal shutdown>

#4   If a thermal shutdown occurs, even if the receiver and driver are enabled from the outside, is it internally disabled

       regardless of the enable voltage?

#5   Is there a method to check the occurrence of thermal shutdown?

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