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ADUM5230 "output short-circuit pulsed current" "sourcing"  and "sinking"

I wants to use ADUM5230 with AUIRGB4062D1 in new device (AC 3-phase  motor converter, 100...350V in dc power line).  Max switching frequency: 20 kHz. Gate capacitance: about 1,5 nF   Questions: 1. Can I use  ADUM5230 with AUIRGB4062D1 without output buffer  transistors with good reliability? 2. What internal circuit is in ADUM5230 outputs A and B. What output  resistance have outputs A and B? 3. There are parameters "output short-circuit pulsed current" "sourcing"  and "sinking" in datasheet on ADUM5230. (100/300 mA, "short-circuit  duration is less than 1 sec") What difference between "...sourcing" and  "...sinking"? Can I do output current 2 A with time 1 us with frequency  12 kHz whithout damage from A and B outputs? What voltage loss between  internal dc/dc-converter output and output A when output current 2 A (1  us current pulse from 10 uF external capacitor betwean Viso and GNDiso)?  Also what voltage loss betwean Vddb and output B when output current 2 A  (1 us current pulse).