The misbehavior of the spice model of ADG721.cir

I am working on the spice model of ADG721.cir.  The mux control input works as if it is low-active sw. But this is against what the datasheet says: logic 0 means sw off. Please confirm that spice model is corrent or not.

Many thanks. jo

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  • Thank you for response.

    We are using LTspice. We wrapped up subcircuits of ADG721 series by LTspice


    Meanwhile, we droped ADG721due to unclear behavior and our new requirement

    of quad inputs.

    Now we are using ADG442B... It works well.

    I am not allowed to share the files.

    Besides circuit files, we can point out the following:

    From the datasheet and the cir files, it is obvious that ADG721 and ADG722

    should be exchanged.

    Best regards,


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