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ADN4695 Differential Output Voltage Magnitude


Our customer will use ADN4695 and evaluates this.

Then , the measured  differential output voltage of driver is about 1.6Vpeak to peak (Y-Z) at 50ohm load (  using two  100 ohm termination).

The customer asks us if  value of 1.6Vpeak to peak is abnormal value 

because  datasheet table2 specification says that |VOD| is 480mV~ 650mV.

Does   |VOD|   mean  absolute valute of Y-Z voltage ?

Datasheet P10 figure 16 Figure 16 ” ADN4690E Driver Output Eye Pattern”  describes  that |A-B| is ~1.2V and this value is not 480mV~650mV.

Please let me know your advice what |VOD|  means and 

please let me know your adviceif the differential output voltage of 1.6Vpeak to peak. is abnormal.



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