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(ADuM14x)Can ADuM14x QSOP guarantee 3kVrms-1min ?


I have two questions about ADuM14x insulation.


ADuM14x had already passed 3kVrms insulation standard.

Can I say to my customer that ADuM14x(QSOP) can guarantee 3kVrms-1min ?



And at the datasheet page 14, this is written.

In accordance with UL 1577, each ADuM140D/ADuM140E/ADuM141D/ADuM141E/ADuM142D/ADuM142E in the RQ-16 [QSOP] package is proof tested by applying an insulation test voltage ? 3600 V rms for 1 sec.

Does this mean ADI test all part under the condition 3.6kVrms for 1sec and check the leak between side1 and 2?

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