I have a question LTC2858-1.

When an error occurred, the DMX signal was acquired. When an error occurred, it was confirmed that all three types of signals were about 3 μs wide.

When the abnormality occurs, the timing is maintained and the 'L' section is 3 μs.
Why naturally recover and restart 'L' output at the next timing?
If there is an overcurrent cause, is there time restriction to restoration?


②Based on the waveform at the time of abnormality, I thought that the protection function of the IC itself is working, I tried to reproduce abnormally with temperature and overload (short circuit).

【Temperature stress】 Heated gun (powerful type of dryer) heated DMX receiving IC peripheral part, but abnormal phenomenon did not occur.

【Overload (short circuit)】 When the DMX signal line was short-circuited by two lines, the same phenomenon as the abnormal waveform could be reproduced due to the difference in short circuit mode.


Is there any cause for this phenomenon other than overload?
For example, if there is a grounding potential difference, is it affected?


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