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Problem with ouput voltage VISO of ADUM6403


we are using the ADUM6403 using 3.3V for the primary supply voltage and connect the Vsel pin to GNDiso. In this configuration the output voltage on the VISO pin can up to 5.04V instead of 3.3V.

The power supply voltage is good. We did also the following configuration:

- Vdd1 to 3.3V

- GND1 to GND

- Via, Vib, Vic, Vid are not connected

- Vddl to 3.3V (same used for Vdd1)

- GNDiso to GNDiso

- Vsel to GNDiso

- Vod, Voc, Vob, Voa are not connected

A resistor of 160Ohm is connected between the VISO pin and GNDiso. We have also connected a 0.1uF and a 10uF on the output VISO pin. On the tested device, the output voltage is 3.7V (see the attached file).

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you for your answers.

Sorry for my english

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