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ADUM6411 and ADUM5411 page 7 Table 13 "Change vs. Temperature"

I am comparing the ADUM6411 data sheet to the ADUM5411 and the only thing I see is that that on page 7 of the ADUM6411 data sheet Table 13 near the bottom it is re-organized from the ADUM5411 Table 13 and the "Change vs. Temperature" specification is missing.  I am wondering if the ADUM6411 was a data sheet updated from the ADUM5411 but when Table 13 was updated they just missed the "Change vs. Temperature" specification?

The data sheets attached I had just downloaded from this morning.


  • Mike: You may be correct that the change vs temperature of the pulse width distortion was left off of the ADuM641x datasheet. The ADuM641x would have the same value of 1.5ps/degC, but this is a typical value, which can and will vary from part to part, and with supply voltage.  It is best to use the max pulse width distortion value, which accounts for part to part variation, voltage and temperature. 

    Regards, Brian