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About ADuM6201 Output Voltage


My customers are considering using ADuM 6201.
So I got a question.

It seems that we want to connect ADuM 142 and another ADuM 6201 behind Viso of ADuM 6201.

Since the regulator is contained in ADuM6201, I think that there is no problem.
Just to be sure, I'd like to confirm, but is there any problem connecting the two ICs to the power supply on the secondary side?

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  • Yuya:

    1. Is what you want to do is connect the VISO of the ADuM6201 to the VDD2 of the ADUM1402 to power it? Yes, that is OK to do.

    2. Do you need more output current than one ADuM6201 can provide?  If you connect the VISO pins of 2 ADUM6201s, the ADuM6201 with the lowest internal VISO setpoint will regulate the output, and the one with the higher VISO setpoint will provide the output current to help support the load.  When the lower setpoint ADuM6201 gets loaded even more, its output may fall enough that the higher setpoint ADuM6201 could then begin to add some output current, but this may not work well and they may not be balanced. 

    3. What is the VISO voltage and total output current that you need in your application?

    Regards, Brian

  • Hi, Brian

    Thank you for your reply.

    1, Thank you. understood.

    2, If you can not balance well with the two ICs, is that there is a possibility that it will not work as a   


    3, 3.3 V is required from VISO, and the current seems to need about 400 mA.

     I have not understood the ADuM 6201, but can we cover 400 mA in the first place?

     In the case of 3.3 V output, since it was described as 330 mW Output Power, I feel that it can only

     flow about 100 mA per piece.

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  • Yuya:

    The ADuM6201 can only supply 5V to 3.3V at 100mA max. It may not work well as a balanced system with 2 ADuM6201s VISO tied together to try to provide 200mA.

    For VISO of 400mA, the ADuM6201 using 4 would not be able to provide the 400mA output needed.

    The ADuM447x can provide 5V to 3.3V at 400mA with 4 digital isolator channels. If you need to you can add the ADuM14x for more channels.

    How many total channels to you need and what is the application for the 400mA?
    Regards, Brian

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