Using ADN4650 for Isolating TMDS

Thank you for reading below my inquiry.

I'd like to use ADN4650 for Isolating TMDS (of HDMI by mainboard in computer), but ADN4650 is for isolating LVDS.

I found that TMDS's electrical specification is CML.

So, I need to converting circuits both CML->LVDS and LVDS->CML.

I'd like to designing compact circuit by passive parts like Resistor or Capacitor.

Motherboard(TMDS output of HDMI) -> (CML) -> Passive Circuit1 -> (LVDS)

-> ADN4650 -> (LVDS) -> Passive Circuit2 -> (CML) -> TV(TMDS input of HDMI)

Is it available for realizing this concept?

In Google, I found many solutions.

But, I want to find compact and proper solution for ADN4650.

How can I realize the schem for using ADN4650?