ADM3251E Level 4 EMC

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ADM3251E have Level 4 EMC license?

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  • Dear James:

    Yes ,I need ADM3251E EMC level 4 reference design ,another to confirm ADM3251E IC body Is it also passed IEC61000-4-X EMC compliance? I check ADI new part ADM2795E spec show "Certified IEC 61000-4-x immunity across isolation barrier" ,ADM3252E spec Show: "ESD protection to IEC 61000-4-2 on RINx and TOUTx pins"  ,ADM3251E Spec show"ESD protection on RIN and TOUT pins ,±8 kV: contact discharge ,±15 kV: air gap discharge" .It's meaning ADM3251E/52E ESD test item pass another test item ex:EFT need In addition component can meet EMC level 4 pass?

    If I refer. ADI ADM3251E demo board design our PCB Board directly to EMC level 4 test can all pass?

    ADM2795E Spec:



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