Dear Sir 

I have a ADM3053 certification question!

As we knew, ADI got a lot of certifications such as UL-1577, CSA / IEC60950 and so on.

But customer would like to test those certification by internal and would like to quickly understanding how to test.

Due to that , hope ADI can provide testing procedure that includes what kind of equipment and how to set the testing conditions… and then they can follow up  and duplicate same result.

If possible , please provide documents that you have.

Thank you!

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 29, 2017 8:50 PM

    Hello Justin,

    There are two different types of testing here.

    Type testing by the agency, which includes thermal cycling, themal shock biased aging just to name a few.  At the end of these environmental tests is an acceptance test, which is usually the isolation(hypot) test and a partial discharge test depending on the standard being applied. 

    Manufacturing test is done on every part coming down the assembly line, and consists of a high voltage withstand test and a partial discharge test.  These two tests are inter-related since the high voltage withstand sets up the conditions for partial discharge to be measured.  One more twist here is that the parts have a 1 minute rating (60Hz sine wave), but that is way too long to test a production part, so the standard lets us test for 1 second at 20% over the rated voltage, then that is used as the first part of the partial discharge test, which is conducted at 1.875x the working voltage.  The failure criterion for the isolation test is measurable breakdown of insulation or flashover, the failure criterion for partial discharge is 5pC of charge transfer.

    You can get high voltage partial discharge testers commercially, and they will do the isolation test as well as partial discharge verification.

    Can you tell me why you want to do this?  Our parts are 100% tested on the assembly line. Are you testing final assemblies?

    Best Regards,