ADuM1100 vs ADuM110N


ADuM110N is suggested as a pin2pin replacement for ADuM1100.

The first one seems to have a feature which is not mentioned in the second's DS: fail-safe output.

Does ADuM1100 provides any mechanism of setting the outputs to a certain value, when inputs are disabled or power is not applied?

Concerning ADuM110N, two versions exist, '0' and '1' with different fail-safe behaviour, represented in

How is this related to the fail-safe output? I just see that the carrier signal is activated on the high or low value of the input, but the signal transmitted does not change from one device to the other. How does this affect the final user?

Finally, assuming there's not fail-safe output mode in ADuM1100, what's the 'drop-in' replacement for it? ADuM110N0 or ADuM110N1?


Pietro Saltarelli,

FAE - Arrow Electronics

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 4, 2017 5:13 PM

    Hi Pietro Saltarelli,

    ADuM1100 do have the default high output when input side is unpowered, you can find this in the table below:

    For ADuM110N, you can assume that when input side is unpowered, ouput side will not receive the carrier waveform, and the fail-safe feature brings the output to the default value(0 for ADuM110N0/ 1 for ADuM110N1).

    The output follows the input when both sides are powered, and the fail-safe feature provides flexible options for final user, so you can use ADuM110N1 for replacing ADuM1100.