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Difference in 5B37 5B30 or 5B40 for temperature measurements

I need to measure temperature by nonstandard TC of type "C" the 5B37 Isolated Thermocouple Input.

As I understand, the output of the model is not proportional to the temperature, but has the same linearity as the TC voltage.

So what is an advantage of using 5B37 comparing to 5B voltage modules like 5B40 and 5B30? Is the only difference the Cold Junction Compensation in 5B37?

Alternatively, I can measure 1) the TC voltage amplified by 5B30 and 2) Cold Junction temperature voltage (it is usually about room temperature - some cheap analog sensor) by a 2-channel data acquisition card.

Then in Labview I can calculate the temperature using 6-order polynomial. Am I right?

There is also option to use a special Omega (producer of C-type TC) USB DAQ card, but it has no drivers for LabView and uses 40-years old RTU ModBus Protocol, which requires very low level programming (looks like Assembler).

Also I tried to find an evaluation thermocouple board that supports "C"-type at Analog but could not find anything - only for standard TC.

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