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ADuM12980:  Is this isolator capable of driving a TTL load on the output side and accepting a CMOS on the input?

I have been forced to find some type of replacement for a Toshiba TLP2105(F) optocoupler, due to availability issues lately.  I have been looking into the iCoupler family, but the documentation makes it difficult to see if there is a suitable replacement.  What I am looking for is a two channel unidirection isolator that accepts CMOS 3.3V logic on the input side and can drive TTL 5.0V on the output side.  What is not clear is the drive current capability of these chips on the output channels.  Can I use the ADuM12980 for this purpose?  What options do I have for this?  Is there any special PCB layout that I need to follow? Can I use this or any of the iCoupler in a tight board layout design?  I need some guidance on this since I am new to this approach. The actual speed of my signaling for the inputs will be from DC to 5KHz max.