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(ADuM160N) operation with VDD1 != VDD2

I don't see any explicit affirmation in the datasheet that VDD1 and VDD2 are completely independent.

I tried VDD1=3.3V, VDD2=5V on the bench and everything seemed fine. But in our application both VDD1 and VDD2 are not set in stone and might change later. Most likely VDD1=1.8V and VDD2 somewhere between 3 to 5V (referred to two different grounds obviously). But I can't anticipate every possible scenario. Can I safely assume that:

  • any combination of VDD1 and VDD2 (1.7 to 5.5) will work?
  • ... and not perform wildly different from the electrical characteristics given in the datasheet (which are listed at 4 different voltages but always with VDD1=VDD2)


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