ADG3304 problem 3.3V to 1.8V

Hello everyone,

We are trying to program a CPU which is on 1.8 with a device that is on 3.3 so we needed to translate the voltages. We are using ADG3304 for that purpose.
We connected everything correctly and the clock signal doesn't work properly. We connected both voltages to VCCA and VCCY  and we tried putting EN on 1.8 and 3.3. The problem is that the clock which is 2.5 MHz (we tried 100 kHz too) goes into the chip but on the other side comes out some gibberish that has the same frequency but is deformed and oscillates between the voltages of 1.0 and 1.3.

Has anybody encountered the same problem? I can supply a schematic but it has some unneeded details.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 25, 2017 5:04 AM

    Hi Jasaleja,

    Can you please share your schematic so I can look more onto this? 

    In the mean time, these are the few things I'd like to check on your application circuit:

    1. Have you considered the Input Driving and Output Load requirements of the ADG3304 in your design?
    2. What about the power supplies? Does Vcca and Vccy stable?
    3. May I know how did you power-up the ADG3304? The recommended power-up sequence is Vccy first and then Vcca and that Vcca must always be less than or equal to Vccy. This is mentioned in the Theory of Operations Section of the ADG3304 datasheet, page 16. So for your application, it is recommended to link the 1.8V to Vcca and the 3.3V to Vccy.
    4. How about grounding? Does your application circuit properly grounded?

    Best Regards,


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    on Aug 2, 2018 3:42 PM
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