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Are there any clamp circuits on the input pins internally in ADuM6411?



In our new project we would like to use an ADuM6411.

The task of this circuits is to convert a floating negative or positive voltage to a digital value for a FPGA with the smallest propagation delay and pulse distortion.

The positive voltage is reduced to the suitable logic level by a voltage divider.

But in case of the input pin of this digital isolator may obtain negative voltage. To prevent this, we use a schottky diode joined to this pin. But is has relatively high capacitance that causes additional pulse distortion.

The datasheet contains the absolute maximum values (Table 26.), and there is value that the input pins does not exceed +- 0,5V for the respective power supply.

Are there any clamp circuits on the input pins internally? If the input current has to be limited, it wont cause the damage the digital isolator? If yes, to what extent do you need to limit the value?

I am looking forward to your answer.

Thank you in advance.

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