About insulation guarantee

ADuM1440'S Data Sheet ,Table 18 shows . Maximum Continuous Working Voltage1

I want to know that table18's guarantee is under Tj<150 ℃ (useing table 17 condition)?

or limited condition?

  • Hi,MSCantrell

    Could you give me pdf file written  above letter?

    Becouse  Certification organization request  file what ADI  guaranteed this.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 10, 2016 2:50 AM

    The documants we have are still in draft form.  CSA/SIRA has said that they can get them finalized next week.  The drafts can not be used for official certification, so please give me another week to get the final documants to you. 

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  • Hi,MSCantrell

    Thank you for an answer.

    My reuquest document is not CSA/SIRA.

    You send me letter

    "All parameters are guaranteed over the full operating temperature.  The insulation can actually survive higher temperatures than the max junction temperature without deterioration.  The mold compound upt tpo about 300C and the polyimide up to about 500C.  Based on this we could provide such a letter, but we would rather utilize the available documentation.


    Please give me the contents mentioned above with a file.


    The reason is:

    Certification organization say that

    >>>>  > We guess from a datasheet of ADuM1441 that the insulation depends

    >>>>  > only on "Safety Limiting Values" in Table 14.

    >>>>  > We are not sure about the above, so need another document of letter

    >>>>  > or declaration issued by Analog Devices.

    >>>>  > We kindly ask you to get any document from Analog Devices saying as

    >>>>  > follows:

    >>>>  > - The insulation depends only on "Safety Limiting Values".

    >>>>  > - No other parameters except "Safety Limiting Values" are relevant

    >>>>  > to the insulation.

    >>>>  > - "Safety Limiting Values" contains only Case temperature and Total

    >>>>  > power dissipation shown in Figure 4.

    >>>>  > --- End here