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(ADuM3210/ADuM3211)Input signal specification.

Hi !

I have some question about ADuM321x.


ADuM321x's input signal specification is this.

Is there any Schmitt trigger circuit in this device?

If ADuM32x has, can  you tell me the value of hysteresis?



Is there AC specification for the input signal?

For example , what will happen if the customer input signal very slowly.

I mean the input signal's Tr/Tf is very slow.

If ADuM321x have shmitt trigger circuit, I think output won't be nervous.


Is there any case for output signal chattering?

If ADuM321z have shmitt trigger circuit, I think the reason is 

   1. GND is very noisy.

   2. Supply power is very noisy.

   3. Input signal is very noisy.

Can you give some advise about this?


Is there any possibility for output signal to be indefinite state when the supply voltage drop slowly and restore?

I think (with our measure), ADuM321x) has UVLO circuit.

So if they drop the voltage of input side supply power, I think the output will be "default.

  => ADuM3210/11's default is "L" output

Is my understanding correct?


The propagation delay's specification is this.

Is there any possibility to be more slower or more faster when the customer repeat power-up and down?


Best regards.