ADM2485 - Transient Immunity and Line Biasing

Dear Sir,

We are manufacturer of range of actuators which uses RS485 communication as backbone.

Currently we are using TI,  ISO3088 - isolated RS485 converter.

We are revisiting the design and want to have ADM2485 to be tried and if found satisfactory, it will replace RS485 converter in all our designs.

Our unit is housed in metallic IP68 casing in open environment.

These units are installed in very harsh conditions like thermal power plant, oil rigs and oil loading and unloading terminals (not petrol stations).

Find attached present schematic we are using.

We are observing harsh transient disturbance, let me know information about ADM2485 for this scenario.

Also, please let me know how ADM2485 handles line biasing and termination requirement.


Shrivardhan BS Rao

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