ADG3245 for SPI and I2C

Hello all,

I'm working on a project in which I use two types of digital potentiometers (AD5254(I2C), and AD5235(SPI)). The potentiometers have the supply voltages of (VDD: +2.5V, VSS: -2.5V). And I use a microcontroller that's supplied by 3.3V

I managed to use the ADG3245 Level Translator between the microcontroller and the potentiometers,

for I2C, pull up resistors are usually needed. But when looking at the schematic of the potentiometers evaluation board ( ), that use the ADG3247 Level Translator we find no pull up resistors for the I2C lines (SDA, SCL).

do the ADG3245 and ADG3247 have built_in pull up resistors?

if yes, does that affect the data transferred over SPI lines?

Thanks in advance