ADuM3480 and ADuM3481


I would like to use this device to isolate a pc from other 12 vdc electronics on a marine vessel. Currently I have an FTDi wire ended USB cable interfacing from the pc to the marine nmea network with no isolation. My question is: since the FTDi USB cable needs a driver installed to be recognised, what will happen if on of these devices in the title is installed between the PC and the FTDi USB cable?

Thanks for any help

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 16, 2016 6:27 AM

    Hi Burton:

    it would be better if you could share us more details about this application. now the consideration i could give to you is:

    1. ADuM3480/1 is VDD range is 3.0-5.5V. you need add a regulator between 12Vdc and isolator;

    2. During the period for VDD1/2 to be established, output is default high or low which is depended on CTRL1/2's voltage level. and output will follow input after 1.7uS delay time when VDDx is ready. the communication should avoid this 1.7uS.

    3. the max data rate for ADuM348x is 25Mbps.