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Dear All:

ADuM1411ARWZ It's the same ADUM141E1BRWZ. If not. which ADuM14xD/E part number is completely pin to pin ADuM1411ARWZ..

Have any ADuM140x/ADuM141x and ADuM14xD/E have also cross reference table


  • Hello Cuttlefish,

    The ADuM1410/11/12 have the CTRL pin, which allows you to select the default output state (High or Low). The ADuM140/41/42 devices do not have this feature - instead you purchase a different part number with default Hi (e.g. ADuM141E1) or Low (ADuM141E0).

    The ADuM140E1/ADuM141E1/ADuM142E1 are pin compatible with the ADuM1400/ADuM1401/ADuM1402. Each of the new isolators lists backward compatibility on the front page of the data sheet.