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Isolating a 1-Wire interface?

We have a 1-Wire device which we need to isolate.  I'm wondering if one can tie the In and Out to each other on each side of an isolator such as the ADuM7241 to a create a single bi-directional wire.  Would this work?  If not, is there another way to do it?



  • Unfortunately this won't work since this structure would latch itself to the driven state on both sides of the isolator. We do have an I2C isolator family (ADuM1250/1251) that uses a modified VOL level to avoid the latching issue. You'd have to determine if the input/output levels would be compatible with the 1-Wire interface.

    It looks like 1-Wire to I2C bridges are also available, perhaps that would be an alternate approach if the I/O levels aren't directly compatible.