1810* series isolated interface modules

Dear experts,

one of our customers is trying to rebuild quite old (approximate 2005) rack mount system.

There is the set of ADI manufactured modules inside. Please have a look at the photo below:

I can't find this part# through ADI website or somewhere else. Seems to be it is a customized solution.

The data I can read from the photo:

Model 18101 (Isolated V Input)    Input 0V - 10V, output 4mA - 20 mA

Model 18102 (Isolated mV Input) Input 0mV - +100mV, output 4mA - 20mA

Model 18103 (Isolated TC Input).

Could somebody advise is it possible to order the same modules now, where can I get datasheets for these modules, do standard replacement parts exist in current production line?

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